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Easter Eggstravanganza 
April 3rd 2020 
Sprowston Diamond Centre

Session 1 


Elsa, Anna, Belle

Session 2

12.30pm -2pm 

Cinderella, Rapunzel, Moana 



Please note: You will not receive a physical ticket for the event.You will receive a payment confirmation email from Paypal with your session date and time on it.  All you need to bring on the day is a print out (or screen shot on your phone) of your paypalreceipt. We will have all your booking details on file when you arrive on the day. 


Venue address: 


Sprowston Diamond Centre, School Lane, Sprowston, Norwich NR7 8TR



Session times at this location:

Session 1- 10 am to 11:30am- Rapuznel, Belle, Elsa 

Session 2-12:30pm to 2pm- Cinderella, Jasmine, Ariel 



(Please see your paypal receipt for a reminder of the session time and date you booked) 


Just a reminder....


- All Children need to be accompanied by a responsible adult


- All you need to bring on the day is a print out (or screen shot on your phone) of your paypal receipt. We will have all your booking details on file when you arrive on the day. 


- Each Child's Ticket includes 1 child admission and 1 adult admission to one session ( if extra adults wish to attend they can pay £2 at the door)


- Please arrive approximately 10-15 minutes before your session


- If you have any questions we would ask that you get in touch at least 2-3 days before the actual event itself.  Please know that because our office is run by only 2 people, the night before the event and on the day of the event we will be unavailable to pick up the phone or answer any questions.  The office will be closed on the days of the events as we will be busy hosting, performing and preparing for the event itself! 




Frequently asked questions



Do I need to pay for a ticket for my baby, if I have paid for a sibling to come along to the event?

All children and babies who are participating in our event will require a ticket. If you would like your baby to receive a mini "sweet bag", pose for a photo or receive an autograph then yes you would require a ticket for that child. Please note, usually at our events children of walking age DO like to join in and receive the above.  If you would not like your baby to receive the above, and you have purchased a ticket for another sibling, your baby can just come along with you as a "non-participating baby". Please note: extra adults and non-participating babies are £2 paid at the door, as long as the baby/ adult is coming along with a full paying child. 



Can I pay for an extra adult to come along?

Please note, space in the hall is limited so we suggest that you do not bring too many extra adults with you. If you would like to pay for an extra adult to attend it would be £2, paid at the door. 



Can I get a refund on the event tickets?

 (for example: if my child is sick and cannot attend)

Unfortunately, we cannot offer refunds on event tickets for any reason.   You are more than welcome to give/sell your ticket to a friend, All you would need to do is provide your friend with your paypal confirmation and email address. 



Is there a minimum age or maximum age for the event? 

There is no minimum age or maximum age, the event is suited for all children who LOVE princesses, however, I would say the activities are geared towards 3 to 8-year-olds. Younger children do also tend to enjoy the activities, but just have a shorter attention span, so if you have a younger child who loves princesses please don't hesitate to purchase a ticket for the younger child as well. (as a general rule younger children especially love meeting the princesses, posing for photos, receiving the autograph and just dancing around a little bit during the games.


Can boys come too?

Of course boys can come too! The event is suited for all children who LOVE princesses, All activities will be princess themed. if your boy loves princesses we would love to see him at the event! 

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